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Briony Beaven's review she wrote fo the 'English Teaching professional' when she was IATEFL SIG TT/Ed Co-ordinator
Jeremy Harmer's review he wrote for 'Modern English Teacher'


“I have now subscribed to the Teacher Trainer and received my first hard copy - the summer edition. Would you believe it the very first article could not have been more welcome! David Hill's advice about In-service training on short summer courses for teachers was very helpful. I have just found myself working in this area of EFL in the UK.”
Michael Fennell

"Tessa’s journal, whether in print from or on the web (www.ttjournal.co.uk) has always been (and remains) an eclectic mix of the peripheral and the profound, the illustrative and the insightful, the inspiring and the irritating. I can’t imagine why any teacher trainer would ever not want to read it."

Jeremy Harmer

"I would recommend The Teacher Trainer not only to new, but also to experienced trainers."
Briony Beaven

"What would we do without you? Since there isn't any other journal that covers this area - and makes it so interesting! I use articles and activities from the TT in my methodology classes all the time, enjoy reading each issue carefully, appreciate getting new ideas, seeing the book reviews, etc.. Please keep going for another 20 years (at least)! Congratulations ... and THANKS!"
Leslie Bobb-Wolff

"Language Teaching is no doubt an art which needs constant innovation and development: teacher training is the conduit for this innovation and development. In its 20 years of existence the TTJ has become a focal point for the teacher trainer, a source of inspiration as well as a platform for sharing pedagogic strategies. On behalf of everyone in the OISE group, I am very proud of the value of the TTJ, which is the only publication within the group. Congratulations to Tessa and the team responsible for the TTJ."
Till Gins

“I always look forward to each new copy of The Teacher Trainer because I know the articles are written by people who care as much about teacher education as I do. They seem to have a passion about what they have chosen to share. I always know that there will be plenty in each issue that I want to think over or try out.”
Susan Barduhn
Past President of IATEFL

“The Teacher Trainer journal is a very interesting, iconoclastic, thought-provoking and supportive read. It helps with all kinds of things we all have to do as teacher trainers/educators and mentors.”

Herbert Puchta
Internationally known teacher trainer, presenter and author and Past President of IATEFL

"The Teacher Trainer is a magazine that offers me originality and inspiration from outside the training box…"
Adrian Underhill
Past President of IATEFL

"The Teacher Trainer journal is an extraordinary archive that reflects much of the best of what has been happening in teacher training."
Mario Rinvolucri
Author, teacher trainer, Pilgrims

"I thought that some of the articles in the latest edition of TTJ were great, particularly the one about drama in TT."
Robert Feather

"This is my first hit at TTT. It really looks so cool with its simple graphics. I wish you all the best and as an ESL teacher I SHOULD thank you for ALL USEFUL information."


"Congratulations on the tttj new look and online version! and thanks for the work on our article."

Tim Murphey

"The TTJ is a crucial Journal for us here at Wall Street Institute International. I get many inspirational ideas for training from it and I avidly promote it and recommend subscription to the 27 National Managers in the countries in which we operate. It is a worthwhile investment!"
Nina Purdey
Global Manager Service, Wall Street Institute International

“I learnt about the Teacher Trainer Journal from one of the most inspiring teacher trainers I have ever met. She recommended the Journal so that I can use the articles, interviews and activities with the teachers I work with.
I took her advice and subscribed to it. No sooner had I received full access to the articles than I got totally involved in, captivated by and engaged with it.
I’ve already started using the contents of the journal with the teachers I train.
We have all benefited from ideas and theories such as inspirational dictation activities, teaching styles, etc.
I’m looking forward to receiving the next volume.”

Jaime José Durán Plazas

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