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Tessa Woodward1986 feels a long time ago now. That was when the first issue of a newsletter for people who train or help teachers came out.
The whole idea was to provide a paper place where teacher trainers could talk to each other, recommend ideas and books to each other and take a peek at each others' work 3 times a year.

We are now well into the second decade of the twenty first century. This means that the journal has been going strong for many years!. It's thus a bank of material from over a quarter of a century. On our 20th birthday we redesigned the journal and this web site and there are lots of new features in both since. 2010 brought a 'flip page' digital version of the journal launched from this web site.

I started The Teacher Trainer in 1986 and I'm still editing it now. The regular rhythm of phoning advertisers, answering queries and reading draft articles is such a part of my life that I hardly even think of it as 'work' any longer.

When I'm not thinking about some aspect of the magazine, I enjoy country pursuits (like riding, walking and gardening) and training at Hilderstone College, singing (in a choir) or writing books* and articles myself.

* For details of Tessa's latest books for teacher trainers please click here.

If you would like to see a video interview with Tessa and to read her blog and two articles about being a teacher trainer appearing in October 2009 when Tessa was the Guest Writer for the BBC and British Council web site 'Teaching English', please follow this link:

An electronic version

The early issues of the journal had heavy, cream paper and an old-fashioned type face that, at the time, gave a feeling of quality. Pretty soon however we changed the cover colour, then the design, then the paper, then the font! And so it has continued until now when a proper web site feels the right thing to do! The ideas in the early journals, in many cases however, feel as lively and robust as ever.
So please see our archive for examples.

An invitation to you...

I really hope you'll enjoy the articles posted here. New ones will be posted periodically. If you feel you have something other trainers would be interested in, or have some passion or quirk or novelty that you can write about freshly and with enthusiasm, send a draft in to me at Pilgrims - for details please click here. Of course I'd love you to subscribe to the journal too! The more subscribers there are the bigger and better I can make the journal.
Hope to hear from you...

tessa woodward

Editor, The Teacher Trainer


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