Sending in?

Would you like to send something in to the 'Teacher Trainer'?

The Teacher Trainer comes out three times a year, but for contributors there are no deadlines as such. Articles are printed once they are ready and after they have queued up for a while. There are no special issues, but there are specialised series running in most issues. Examples of these are “News in Our Field”, “Practical Training Session”, “It’s a Wired World” etc. Please check a recent copy of the journal for house-style and article length.
If you would like to send us an article, please write in an accessible, non-academic style. Length should normally be 800 - 4,000 words. Send your first draft in double spaced with broad margins. Keep your headings and sub-headings in upper and lower case throughout. Please give an accurate word count and brief bio data at the end. We will also need a current photograph.

We can accept texts on paper accompanied by disks but most people these days send in articles by email. Your article will be acknowledged by pro-forma email. It is normal for contributors to receive editorial comments later so please do not take this as a sign of failure! Once you have finalised your draft in negotiation with the editor, we will let you know what else you need to supply, such as biodata and a photo.
We will try to publish your article within about four issues, but if it is an awkward length, it may be longer.

Short articles!
When we are laying out a new issue of the Teacher Trainer journal, we often have a little space left over. We keep that for extra adverts that come in. These little spaces are also perfect for short articles! So, if you have a really good idea that you want to share with fellow professionals, and it is very short, don’t be put off. Send it in! It may well help us with our layout. It may also mean that your work gets printed quicker than usual too! By ‘short’ I mean anything under 1,000 words. Looking forward to receiving your ‘shorties’!

Before your article is published in the Teacher Trainer journal or on the journal web site, we will ask that you formally assign copyright to The Education and Training Company Limited, which owns the Teacher Trainer Journal.

The Company's owning the copyright means that you must ask us for permission to reprint any part of your article elsewhere. Requests for permission should be sent to The Editor of the Teacher Trainer Journal. We will usually grant permission for authors to use material from published articles in talk handouts and elsewhere provided that a line is included prominently on each page saying that the article was first published in the Teacher Trainer journal and giving the volume and issue numbers, date and page numbers of publication.

Your article may be edited, for reasons of length, or otherwise.

You also need to know that the Teacher Trainer journal is abstracted by ‘Language Teaching’, The British Education Index, and the ERIC clearinghouse ‘Contents Pages in Education’. EBSCO Publishing Inc. USA is licensed to disseminate the content of this journal.

You will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which your article appears.

Tessa Woodward
The Teacher Trainer

PS If printed in The Teacher Trainer, your article may possibly be re-printed occasionally by, for example, teacher education organisations in other countries or in low-circulation, national, teacher newsletters.


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