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Although there are many sites of interest to EFL teachers, including many that are trying to sell books and courses, after several hours of trawling I have come up with relatively few sites specifically designed to help us, teacher trainers/educators/mentors in our work. If you know of other useful sites, do please send them in to me. We need them!
This was our initial host or sponsor. The company who thought up the idea of having a special magazine just for modern language teacher trainers.
This is the site you are now on. People say it is very easy on the eye! It gives information on the present issue, how to subscribe and contribute to and advertise in its pages, its history and an index of past articles. It also has a useful bibliography for language teacher educators. An archive of "golden oldies", articles from the early issues that are now hard to find, is slowly being built. The site is refreshed three times a year.
IATEFL our first professional organisation has two special interest groups of interest to trainers and with their own sites, conferences and newsletters.

This is the site of the special interest group (SIG) for teacher trainers/educators of the Europe-based professional organisation IATEFL. Apart from listing membership and events and the contents of back issues, it is a little sparse at present but does have a chat line that you can join. Like most chat lines, it goes dormant for periods but then livens up again!
I would recommend joining ELTeCS, the English Language teaching contacts scheme. It promotes networking between ELT professionals across the world. It has active discussion lists for teachers and trainers by region (you can join more than one region) and has other natty features such as a listing of national ELT publications in many countries around the world.
This is a fledgling site but they (Cambridge University Press) do have a series of books on teacher training and development as well as carrying info and an author review of the editor's latest book.
This address gets you to the American Educational Research Association. If you then click on AERA K division, you will get to a US based academic group on teaching and teacher education. It posts regular newsletters of academic content.
This will get you to the US based professional organisation for TESOL. There is a special interest section for teacher education that you can, theoretically, access via this site. However their web page is often not found or cannot be displayed. Maybe you will have better luck than me! There are some related past columns from TESOL Matters.

Those were the only sites I could find specifically for ELT teacher trainers.
However, there ara a lot of sites that we can use with teacher trainees to create sessions or to support our own sessions. Examples here are:
Hosted by Pearson Education, this subscription- based site (£20 p.a.), has a topic each month (e.g. grammar, correction, discussion) together with a bibliography, a development pack of related articles taken from ELT periodicals, and live chat sessions which are later transcribed. Thus if you wanted to explore the forum topic of the month with your trainees, you could join forum and download the materials and join in.
If you are working on lesson planning with your teachers in training, you could use this site as it has photocopiable lesson plans based on Reuters news stories, by topic and at several different levels.
This web site of the paper- based practical magazine for teachers, chooses a topic a month (e.g. speaking) backing it up with four or five articles that have appeared in Etp. You could thus print these articles off as support for a training session or homework on one of their topics.
This web site gives weekly teaching tips, a newsletter, lesson plans and a few articles. You could use it by reading, discussing and trying out the tips in teaching practice?

Visit the HLTMag website
Clarity publishes online and network ELT software for schools and colleges. Includes grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking and IELTS preparation. Clarity provides lots of teacher and technical support.
The Teacher Trainer Journal's very own illustrator since day one!
With a background in EFL and ELT and nine Reader books published by Oxford University Press, Phill Burrows works in educational publishing, advertising, and the commercial sector. (He also does lots of little drawings to put into web pages.)
DOSlogoLaunched in the autumn of 2003, DOS-Teacher Training Solutions is an independent ELT training and consulting center, boasting a unique team of teacher trainers, methodology advisers, ELT authors and lecturers. Based in Warsaw, Poland, DOS-TTS is a truly comprehensive teacher development and professional support offer for private language schools and other foreign language teaching institutions in Poland and the region. DOS-TTS founding father and academic coordinator is Grzegorz Spiewak, PhD.
the consultants-e logo
The Consultants-E specialises in online learning and teaching in higher and adult education. We offer short online training courses to EFL/ESL teachers and trainers in areas such as E-moderation skills, WebQuest and Internet Materials Design, ICT in the Classroom, and Learning to Use Moodle.
They offer a 10% discount on most of their online courses to TTTJ subscribers - please contact The Consultants-E for further details.
The Accreditation Council is a non-profit making independent body governed by officers and Council, established to advance professionalism by maintaining and also improving on standards of distance TESOL/TEFL programmes.
Accredited Distance Education Programmes in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
The English Club, a site to help you learn English or teach English as a second language.
TESOL courses online - ACTDEC Accredited online TESOL certification; your passport to the world.
An ELT Notebook - Articles on ELT methodology aimed at teachers in a wide variety of teaching situations, and of particular interest to teachers in training. The site is written as a blog, with the hope that readers will participate with comments, and maybe even with articles of their own.

Marshall Cavendish English Language Teaching was established in 2002 with a mission to publish innovative, high-quality materials to meet the changing needs of teachers and students. Visit our website to see the benefits of our latest titles to your teaching.
Teach English Abroad - Discover everything concerning teaching English abroad. Find information about different types of TESOL courses. Consider numerous ways of obtaining TESOL certificates and jobs abroad.
Materials for short, in-service training programmes for Teachers of EFL/ESOL. Free downloads comprising session plans, detailed trainer's notes and handouts. Emphasises communication and interaction.
ESL resources - Information, advice and resources for ESL teachers, as well as the latest TEFL jobs worldwide.
EL Gazette Digital. A digital version of the monthly English Language Gazette newspaper, the only international trade newspaper for the global English language learning, English medium learning and teaching community. Subscribe online - free for one year.
This moodle site is for language teacher educators and teacher trainees. It has 3 main objectives:
- to provide forums, resources and sandpit areas for teachers and trainers wanting to understand moodle and try it out
- to provide links to other useful ICT resources for teachers and trainers
- to provide an online facility for teacher training courses.
It is part of the blended learning approach used by CELTA and DELTA courses in Munich, Bristol, Wroclaw and Istanbul.

This is a site which aims to get ELT workers talking to each other. Wherever you live in the world and whatever your first language is, if your work is connected directly or indirectly with teaching English then you are eligible to join this site.
Free step by step screen casts that show teachers how to use technology in their teaching.
OUP now have a new online catalogue and specific teacher development site.
You can browse their Teacher Development list by title with some useful links to their Blog, videos and articles written by some OUP authors. Teachers can join the teachers club (it’s free) to access lots of classroom support material and resources to use with OUP titles.

We provide researchers, professionals, lecturers and students with books, Journals, eProducts, Resources and Information in the subject of Education. Please visit to see our key titles on TESOL/ELT and for details of how to claim a 20% discount off all our titles, for all Teacher Trainer readers. Our complete listing of titles can be found at

Free videos that are useful for a flipped classroom approach for Celta (or as revision/ preview/ catch up if you missed this session etc) and a commercial ‘grammar for language teachers’ course.

Details the education options, teacher preparation program requirements, and examination process involved in qualifying to become an English teacher in the United States.