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Autumn/November 2016 - Vol 30 No 3
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Dear Everybody,
Welcome to the last issue of our thirtieth birthday volume. The issue is available online and also in a print edition by subscribing here at: Also online here is a free selection of back articles and some extras in TTTJ Plus!

As usual in this issue we introduce new, young writers as well as sharing space with those who are well-established in our field. The issue draws on work done by teacher trainers and educators from or working in Palestine, the UK, China, Brazil, the USA, Canada, Italy and South Korea. The pages are packed, as ever, with the practical and the thoughtful. The questions which are explored in this issue are these:
- How can a teacher trainer training programme be adapted to suit the specific context in which it is delivered? (Page 2)
-What is the British Council Professional Award in Teacher Development? (Page 6)
- How can we use Google Forms to create surveys and questionnaires and gather data quickly? (Page 7)
- Can a mindfulness-based reflective framework promote more self-aware ELT? (Page 9)
- How can working on pronunciation improve listening skills in a foreign language? (Page 15)
- What’s a low stress way of giving your first conference presentation? (Page 17)
- How can individual teachers integrate work on gender neutral language into their language classes? (Page 18)
- What are ‘neuromyths’ and do you believe them? (Page 22)
- How can we encourage teachers to develop their own materials for writing classes? (Page 24)
- And finally, have there been any interesting articles or books published recently that might make useful reading for us teacher trainers, teacher educators and mentors? (Pages 26 and 27)

I hope you enjoy reading the answers!

All good wishes
Tessa Woodward
The Editor

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The Fair List, UK was short-listed

The Fair List, UK was short-listed for a British Council ELTons award.
This will help mightily with letting people know what The Fair List is and does!

If you would like to support The Fair List and read more current news about it, please visit


New Subscribers!

Here are some recent additions to our community of teacher trainers, mentors and teacher educators:
Serafine Giannone, Australia
Ulla Furstenberg, Austria
Janet Bougeois, Australia
Tulin Turnuk, Turkey
Sabrina Bechler, Germany
Enrique Ruiz, Spain
Xavier Munoz, USA
Selma Aslan, Turkey
Steve Castle, UK
Marie-Claire Chabot, Hong Kong
Dmitry Osipov, Russia
Andrea Baena, Brazil
Claudia Vratilova, Thailand
Linda Koza, USA
Rebecca Haag, USA
Abeer Al-Jeeran, Kuwait
Susan Fullagar, Australia
Sian Lewis, UK
Ian Puffett, UK
Brahmi Hadjer, Algeria
Melissa McLeod, Qatar
Martin Duguay, Republic of Korea



Routledge provides researchers, professionals, lecturers and students with books, Journals, eProducts, Resources and Information in the subject of Education. Please visit to see their key titles on TESOL/ELT and for details of how to claim a 20% discount off all their titles, for all Teacher Trainer readers. Their complete listing of titles can be found at

Tessa Woodward's web events

If you would like to watch some webinars given by Tessa and relevant to teacher training, please try the following links:

Teachers as Writers: Writing Your Way to Professional Development
The Professional Life Cycles of Teachers

‘Enjoying personal and professional creativity’
In this IATEFL webinar Tessa encouraged participants to consider what creativity involves, if it’s a good thing, and whether we are born creative or can learn to be more so. If we can learn to be even more creative than we already are, then what classic techniques can we employ and what can we apply them to?

British Council event November 29th 2014:
'Can continuing professional development change lives?'
This event for English language teaching professionals was streamed live from Delhi and London. Don't worry if you missed it, you can watch it again in full on the BC YouTube channel.

IATEFL/TESOL web conference presentation November 18th 2016:
Fools rush language teacher's view of professional identity
Tessa Woodward
What is a professional identity? How can a working teacher begin to think about their own professional identity? Is it important to do so? What is the difference between an insider’s and an outsider’s view of a teacher? This talk, given from the depths of the English countryside, hence the lack of video, is a gentle, non-academic exploration of the topic and includes practical activities to try out alone, with colleagues or with students. The talk is given by someone attracted to the words ‘teacher’ and ‘identity’ who only knows about them from the inside. If you too are attracted to the words, from the inside, check out the recording here.

Opening plenary IATEFL conference
by Tessa Woodward

Tessa Woodward, the editor of The Teacher Trainer journal, gave the opening plenary at the IATEFL conference in Harrogate, UK in April, 2010. The topic was "The professional life cycles of teachers". Below you can watch Part 1 of her plenary.

Part 2 (approx.  45 minutes) of Tessa's Opening Plenary is available on the IATEFL web site. Please follow this link to continue viewing.

Tessa was also the October 2009 guest writer for the BBC Teaching English web site. And the subject was all about being a teacher trainer! You can still see her articles on the 'Guest Writer' section:

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