The Teacher Trainer
Autumn/November  -  Vol 30 No 3


Context specific teacher training
By Salam Affouneh and Nick Bilbrough

with Maggie Milne, British Council

The Russell Stannard Column
This will definitely make your life easier! Using Google Forms to gather data by creating surveys and questionnaires quickly
By Russell Stannard

Current Research
Can a mindfulness-based reflective framework promote more self-aware English language teaching?
By Ya Chu Lee

Trainer Background
Improving listening skills in a foreign language through working on pronunciation
By Augusto Neto

Trainee Voices
Emily Curran, CEELT trainee

Interview with Jemma Prior

Sending in?

Subscriptions information

Trainer Background
Do you believe in ‘neuromyths’?
By Carol Lethaby and Patricia Harries

Encouraging teachers to develop their own materials for writing classes
By Martin Duguay

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