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Welcome to our collection of classics from the pages of The Teacher Trainer journal, 1986 onwards. The early issues are getting rather scarce now but since the ideas in their pages are as robust and interesting as ever, we'd like you to be able to access them.

Starting from Volume One, I read through past issues filleting out the articles that have stood the test of time. We have reproduced them below. This way, good articles from this genuinely specialised and dedicated journal will still have the readership and influence they deserve.
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  Title Author(s) #
  A Fresh Look at Team Teaching Bill Johnston and Bartek Madejski 29

Author's Corner   36
  Breaking Rules John Fanselow 26
  Britta and Rolf or the Unfaithful Mirror Bernard Dufeu 21
  Case for delayed feedback after teaching practice and observation Richard Denma 27
  Classroom Pedagogics   18
  Creative calling Jaqueline Smith 37
  Dealing with EFL Terminology Sara Walker 17 
  Gone to teachers every one - a critique of accepted pre-service teacher training Peter Grundy 23
  Images and Options in the Language Classroom Earl W. Stevick (Cambridge University Press. 1986.) 01
  In Language Teaching which is more important: Language or teaching? Penny Ur 40
  In-Service TEFL - Is it worth the Risk? Brian Tomlinson 16
  Internship: Partnership in Initial Teacher Education Terry Alsop and Irene Scott 39
  Interview with Dr. N.S. Prabhu   28

Interview with Gaie Houston - on supervision   41
  Interview with Tony Buzan   09
  Language and Gender in the EFL classroom Jenny Pugsley 32
  Learner Independence Bruce Pye 38
  Lecture Discussion Scales
Tessa Woodward 06
  Motivating children and adults to acquire another language James J. Asher, Ph.D. 07
  People who Train People Interview with Margaret Elderson 02
  Silent Way Workshops Dr Caleb Gattegno 03 
  Some notes on giving talks at conferences Andrew Wright 13
  Taking Risks - Being Unprepared Anthony Hall 19
  Teacher echoing Seth Lindstromberg 15
  Teacher Selection Peter Dupenthaler 10 
  Teaching people about themselves Mike Lavery 14
  Teaching, Teacher Training and applied linguistics Rod Bolitho 22
  Teacher training for Steiner Schools John Thomson 24
  The Flexible List Natalie Hess 25
  The foreign language lesson-trainees prepare the trainer's demonstration John Carmichael 04
  The Jargon Generator   05
  The Management of Change Tom Hutchinson 35
  The Spoof Page   08
  The use of self-evaluation in teacher training Kari Smith 34
  Towards Reflective Teaching Jack C. Richards 33
  Trainer Talks with Ephraim Weintraub and Jane Revell 20
  Training for general practice Penny Aeberhard 11
  Training Teachers as Explainers: a Checklist Dr Francisco Gomes de Matos 31

Using games in teacher training Sarah Walker 42
Using substitution tables for language analysis with pre-service native English speaking trainees Tessa Woodward 43
  Writing as a Learning Process in Teacher Education and Development Alison Haill
  Zen and the art of classroom management Chris Sion 12


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