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Dear Everybody,

Welcome to the second issue of our 28th Volume!
First of all, thanks very much to everybody who responded to our email survey! And if it is still in your inbox somewhere, it is never too late to pop it back to us!
I learned lots of useful things from your feedback. You said you wanted to get hold of even more of your favourite articles than are on our web site (under the Archive/Back Articles page). So I will start a ‘Classics’ column soon.

You told me how useful the ‘Article Watch’ column is. So that will stay. About half of respondents said they really liked the reports on recent research. So, if that was you, please see the articles in this issue on research into the cultural context of teaching English (on page 7) and the informal action research into the writing of detailed lesson objectives in trainee lesson plans (on page 18) read more...


The Fair List, UK short-listed

The Fair List, UK has been short-listed for a British Council ELTons award.
This will help mightily with letting people know what The Fair List is and does!

If you would like to support The Fair List and read more current news about it, please visit


New Subscribers!

Here are some recent additions to our community of teacher trainers, mentors and teacher educators:
Christine Muniz, Spain
Georgios Kokolas, Greece
Lewis Lansford, UK
David Briggs, UK
Leila Tehrani, UK
Bruno Fasanella, Brazil
George Murdoch, UAE
Hanna Reichman, Israel
Jonathan Hadley, UK
Maggie Swannock, Australia
Christiana Oyebola Kayode, Nigeria
Elizabeth McDonough-Hashimura, USA



Routledge provides researchers, professionals, lecturers and students with books, Journals, eProducts, Resources and Information in the subject of Education. Please visit to see their key titles on TESOL/ELT and for details of how to claim a 20% discount off all their titles, for all Teacher Trainer readers. Their complete listing of titles can be found at

Tessa Woodward's webinars

If you would like to watch some webinars given by Tessa and relevant to teacher training, please try the following links:

Teachers as Writers: Writing Your Way to Professional Development
The Professional Life Cycles of Teachers

‘Enjoying personal and professional creativity’
In this IATEFL webinar (available to view if you are a member of IATEFL at Tessa encouraged participants to consider what creativity involves, if it’s a good thing, and whether we are born creative or can learn to be more so. If we can learn to be even more creative than we already are, then what classic techniques can we employ and what can we apply them to?

Opening plenary IATEFL conference
by Tessa Woodward

Tessa Woodward, the editor of The Teacher Trainer journal, gave the opening plenary at the IATEFL conference in Harrogate, UK in April, 2010. The topic was "The professional life cycles of teachers". Below you can watch Part 1 of her plenary.

Part 2 (approx.  45 minutes) of Tessa's Opening Plenary is available on the IATEFL web site. Please follow this link to continue viewing.

Tessa was also the October 2009 guest writer for the BBC Teaching English web site. And the subject was all about being a teacher trainer! You can still see her articles on the 'Guest Writer' section:

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